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As I slumbered, well protected in the gentle arms of my bed. An unwanted noise woke me up and the illusion of a child that is half asleep was given.

Several times, the noise screamed, to make me stand up and finally - when there was no time for dreaming anymore - the left hand of mine pushed something I only use instinctively.

After doing this, the artificial sun rised and spread its cold fresh light into my eyes.

Only a few hours ago - I felt a relieve, something I had been missing for so long.

The chains were gone, they have been vanished - now I am free again.

The soft sweet melody of sleeping on my tongue all the way long.

By going fast upstairs with a little pain in my legs, the steps were no match for me.

Than the notes became more blue, as a clouded morning was seen through dirty little windows, by red-coloured eyes.

This scene was a gift, and I know how to remember it.

24.11.06 00:00

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